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[3DS Max] [Need Help] Accessory Exports Appear Shiny

  • Hello, anyone willing to help.

    I now have the basics of 3DS max under my belt and am using what I've recently learned to convert models from GTA 5 peds to the freemode_male character.

    It took trial and error to get the bones for the accessory slot correct, but every time I exported the vest / gilet, there was always a really... bizarre texture difference that kept appearing when compared to the original (on the right):

    I do not know what causes it nor why it looks starkly different from the NPC vest. For the record, I have applied all bump, spec, and diffuse textures as well as the three meshes (high, medium, and low distances) and their respective welding of .001 where they belong in Max and OpenIV; from what I see, it looks like the model I export has transparent spots, but the NPC model does not (since a few parts of the vest look normal)?

    If anyone experienced in 3DS Max knows about what might have caused this and how to fix it, I genuinely appreciate the help!

    *For the record, this is on the latest version of GTA 5 and no scripts interfere with the importing of these models

  • @OffiCyblox Your link isn't working

  • @death7991 Sorry: alt text

  • @OffiCyblox Can you post new working link?

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