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err mem embedded alloc guard (1/4/5) with Heap Limit Adjuster

  • Hello, I have installed some vehicles addon (~30) and I use "Added Traffic" to have them in the traffic. The problem is after 5 minutes the game crash with the mem embedded alloc guard error. I have Heap Limit Adjuster and tried different values (up to 30,000) but my game still crash (I have 16GB of ram with 48GB of virtual memory). I also have PackfileLimitAdjuster and a good gameconfig file.
    If someone can help me, I would higly appreciate it !

    Thanks !

  • @Ticamus What's your gpu? This problem is mostly gpu vram related. According to InfiniteQuestion, 10,000 is the best value in heap and packfile.

    If those 30 vehicles are high quality models and textures, you gonna need a good gpu to run them. I wish people would have optimized their vehicle mods like how DragoN777 does :(

  • @Ticamus Hi there. Did you solve it?

  • Hello! Sorry to hijack a topic, but I have been facing the exact same issue lately. Needful to mention, I have a custom gameconfig, Packfile Limit Adjuster and Heap Adjuster (with 750MB in the ini file), and still facing the Out Of Game Memory Error after some minutes of gameplay.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • @Ricky-001 try a different updated gameconfig and don't play with the default values unless it crashes.

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