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Looking for performance friendly realistic cars

  • Well hello there. Since my 1660 Super's 6 GB ain't enough to fill up the streets with high quality replace cars while I already have a reshade and tons of graphic mods installed, I'm looking for vehicle mods that has low quality or size realistic cars with a decent look. Basically like vanilla sized/made cars.

    As an exampe, like this: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/audi-a8-dragon777 (It's 1.4 version of course)

    Like his mods are finely optimized, while the _hi.yft and +hi.ytd are high quality, normal .yft and .ytd are low quality. Same as vanilla close and far distance optimization.

    Anyways so looking for cars like that. Thanks in advance :3

    Oh and, the interior doesn't matter. I just need it look realistic and decent from outside.

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