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problems with weather

  • I installed psra, VisualV and NVR, but the weather doesn't change, it's always clear, I can only change the weather using the menyoo, what can I do to change the weather without using the menyoo? or what compatible mod can i use to fix this?

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    @mrdb I think you mean there's no clouds in the sky? I remember having the same issue with NVR mixing graphics mods. If this is your issue, it happens when the weather points to a cloud name that doesn't exist as NVR had some custom names. It's either that or the timecyclemod.asi that's included with Natural Vision

  • no, if i choose clouds or raining it stays with clouds or raining, but the weather doesn't change it always stays the same. Before it was only with the nvr and visualIV mods and the weather changed. Maybe it's the time cycle mod.asi how to fix it?

  • thanks, problem solved the file cycle mod.asi was missing

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