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NaturalVision Evolved Minimum Specs?

  • Yeah, so I currently have a Nvidia 1660 GTX graphics card, and I wanna upgrade too the RTX 2080 super, I don't know if it's even better, I'm new to PC. Basically I want to get the NVE graphics mod and I'm planning to pay Razed's Patreon, I just wanna know what are the minimum or recommended graphics cards or requirements for the mod?

  • @Double-Z it's never version so it should be better :P even that I heard that 1K version can run RayTracing with some updates it's still the biggest part they was focused on to get better ray tracing experince and for sure it have bigger memory what is biggest aspect in modded games :ok_hand_tone3:

    as the specifications, there is nothing like that it depend on what and how many other mods you are using, so best for you may be instal NVE first and then just try adding more and more mods and always make backup few tens mods used at least so when your game become slow or have most experienced ting which is missing textures, you can simply come few step back where your game was running without problem

    But for NVE is RTX card and raytracing reshade I think must have, you would never ever want play game without it then :blush:


    if you can run GTA V with ENB, then you can run NVE
    probably on medium or low ENB preset as it does increase the strain on GPU a little

    I'm using a MSi Gaming GTX 1080 myself on 1440p
    and get 30~35FPS on 4x MSAA, ENB medium preset with NVE and all ingame settings on Ultra/Highest
    alt text

    I've seen you post multiple useless posts lately, yet again
    if you don't know the exact answer, simply do not react

  • @ReNNie He has a point though :thinking: I just got my brand new desktop, i9 9900k and GTX 1660 Super and my fps around 40-50 after installed NVE with ultra enb :/ not to mention what I'm seeing in game still same as what I saw with 980m :(((((

    So I'm not exactly sure but I think @ArmaniAdnr has a good point with raytracing thingy since this mod is not NVE without raytracing :/ I'm gonna try it again if I can afford rtx 2060 or 3060 one day :((


    No. No he has not, you're both full of it tbh...

  • @ReNNie Well I only come here to help people as much as my knowledge goes and ask help for my questions and problems. Here and there I do say little off topic fun things as well hoping I can put a little smile on someone's face but I always try not to deviate from the actual topic too much. So I don't understand how can I be full of useless posts really despite all I want is offer some help to people in need of and ask for help about things I need of.

    If this is about NVE though since I realized by now the moderators very protective about that ( I'm not judging nor questioning, just stating out what I saw ) I didn't throw any bad words at it either. I'm simply saying no matter what I did so far I never able to fully get what I saw in it's trailer.

    So unfortunately I can have only 2 guesses about NVE. It's trailer either made like Ubisoft trailers and so many visual things been cut from the actual release or the mod requires additional mods or hardware like an RTX gpu to offer what's shown in the trailer. Don't get me wrong though, I would love to use NVE instead of oversaturated mods I'm currently using cuz it's trailer and some gameplay videos of it ( especially dubstepzz's ) shows jaw dropping so exciting visuals. But yeah.. I just can't get it unfortunately and very sad about this :( Would love very very much to drive my BMW M8 in the city that is shown at trailer and gameplay trailers :/

    Oh well. I guess I'm gonna have to live some more years to finally able to afford an rtx 2000 or 3000 series to check that out as well or need to meet with a very helpful generous knowledged fella to tell me what I exactly need to achieve the visuals I see :(((

  • @Aurora11 only thing that I can say to this is the version with overcustomized trailer is not what's goin on here...I use NVE and it's gorgeous as in the trailer...of course some weather give you better graphic experience than others so you see mostly the best ones in videos, but anyway game look amazing with any weather using NVE...but as I says, try to google bit for how to run ray tracing on gtx...not sure if it's true but heard it from pretty good it guy that it could be able with some drivers or whatever :shrug_tone3: give it a try, don't give up yet :grin: :fingers_crossed_tone3:

  • @ArmaniAdnr Oh. Thank yu very much for telling me that :) I will definetly take a look at it. It's very desaturated on me at the moment, maybe somehow enabling ray tracing can give better results even with 1660 Super :D

  • @Aurora11 are you using enb aswell yep? :thinking:

  • @ArmaniAdnr Yup. With it's Ultra settings. But everything just looks very desaturated and washed out :(( Like vanilla Skyrim :/


    @Aurora11 @ArmaniAdnr
    you both are hijacking this guy's thread
    going on about things that have nothing to do with his original question
    stop doing that :exclamation:

  • @ReNNie We are not exactly hijacking since he already got the answer for his question ( https://forums.gta5-mods.com/post/168782 ). But fine, I won't continue on this thread anymore ..

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