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[MISC] What bikes tunings you would like?

  • Hello everybody!
    I am acctually working on a new bike mod, thisone will be my first no-vanilla public mod on GTA V.
    I will replace the Vortex with this new bike, it will be a drift bike with a long swingarm (realistic, not like haku's one, and with normal rear wheel)
    I will not say what bike it is at the moment, but it is a 90's sport bike well known in the tuning.

    The question is: what types of upgrades would you see on a sport bike? Say and explain what you would like, show me pictures if needed...

    I will maybe, or maybe not make exactly what you describe and show me, but this bike has a lot of tuning places and i have to fill them! I need your inspirations and ideas!

    Thanks all! :grinning:

  • Up!

    The work is progressing! Sad that's nobody answered, maybe more questions can make you answer hehe!
    For my next mod:
    Two versions of the mod like long swingarm or stock swingarm would be appreciated?

    For any future mods:
    What bikes would you like to see in the game?

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