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How To Increase Parked Vehicle Spawning AND Density

  • I'm looking to fill the parking lots and parking spaces of Los Santos for a more realistic feel. In the gameconfig I changed the parked vehicle values to this- but there is little affect in-game. I have also changed the popcycle values to accommodate more parked vehicles but I still don't see any significant change. What values should I change/ or what files should I modify to get increased and more densely parked vehicles in-game?

    				<VehicleParkedDensityMultiplier_Base value="10000"/>
    				<VehicleParkedDensityMultiplier value="10000"/>
    				<VehicleLowPrioParkedDensityMultiplier_Base value="10000"/>
    				<VehicleLowPrioParkedDensityMultiplier value="10000"/>
    				<VehicleUpperLimit_Base value="50"/>
    				<VehicleUpperLimit value="130"/>
    				<VehicleUpperLimitMP value="60"/>
    				<VehicleParkedUpperLimit_Base value="230"/>
    				<VehicleParkedUpperLimit value="300"/>

  • @Trulux Try giving a look at this mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/realism-enhanced-traffic-and-driver-a-i

    I'm not sure which value it edits doing that but it's increasing the parked vehicle amount significantly more.

    I felt so happy to see lots of cars parked in front of the Beverly Hills Ponsonby when I was driving there with my gf ( for realism purposes of course :D

    ), didn't last long though since then I had to search an empty parking spot :( Luckily found one next to the metro station.

  • Hi there, not my thread, but it seems that Mod should solve the problem. I especially like the other tweaks it provideds :)

  • @Aurora11 Thanks so much for the suggestion. For some reason it's still not showing any improvement with parked vehicles but I like its other features!

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    @Trulux Three things i do to get the most parking spaces filled up.
    Vehicle edits need to be done to increase the chances of having a car parked. Example if one car is already on the road, it wont spawn another in the parking space. I use my vehicle template oiv to make all cars spawn the same rate and increase chances of seeing.


    Second thing i do is modify the popcycle file to always spawn the max amount of parked cars. My enhanced population mod has a modified popcycle file.


    Third would be using a gameconfig made for heavy traffic spawns, I use the heavy option in my gameconfig.


    Combining all three of those mods creates the most amount of parked cars I have seen.

    alt text

    alt text

  • @InfiniteQuestion I'm gonna try that. How would you go on about modifying the frequency and rates in which cars spawn. Would I have to individually change each value in the vehicles.meta?

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    @Trulux It's done for you in the vehicle template.

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