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Can't hide my "Double-Action Revolver" Pistol or can't drop it either

  • I have the "double-action revolver" And the "Hazardous jerry can" and I can't Drop Them or hiding them on the "Gun-Locker" because they are not shown or displayed to hide them (I know that the "Hazardous jerry can" can do anything about it because it is not registered on the Gun=locker anyway from R*. But, is there and file feature/script that can fix my GTA online related issue. Thank you for your time reading this topic guys.

  • @TJ-101 It's not allowed here to share files or names unfortunately but I can still point you to the right direction.

    First I would suggest you to contact shitstar, preferably live chat about it and try to solve this with them.

    Second, if the first doesn't work :/ You need to use an online mod menu to remove those weapons from yourself :( I had this problem with Ceramic Pistol after a diamond casino heist and that's how I solved it unfortunately :(
    It's probably a script error of the game which is supposed to give you particular weapons at missions withut registering them to your character and then remove at the end of the mission. But I guess an error happening and it doesn't remove the weapons :/

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