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How to change add on car spawn name bmwm8 to bmwm8gc

  • I am using a mod pack which already has a car with that name and I would like to change the name of my model to one that would not conflict with this car.


    by opening that dlc.rpf and renaming the model files (yft/ytd) inside vehicles.rpf
    and all references in vehicles.meta, carvariations.meta, handling.meta
    (and carcols.meta + vehicle_mods.rpf if it also has tuning)

  • @Kosowy

    Model files;

    At carvariations.meta;

    At vehicles.meta;

    These are all you need only for a name change. If you want to change literally everything, then follow ReNNie's way, although anything else above those I said won't have any noticeable effect inside the game. I mean changing handlingID won't be something you can notice in any way.

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