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Clothing modding for MP characters

  • If anyone wants to join modding MP clothing with me, here is the general discussion for it.

  • Isn't that a direct violation and can cause you to become banned from Online?

  • @GTATerminal No. There are methods of using non-script mods in multiplayer safely. Been doing so myself for the better part of GTA V's PC lifetime.

  • @Unmutual Huh, interesting. Didn't know that was possible. Thanks!

  • @GTATerminal It's only going to be a viable means of playing if you've got an OpenIV package, a runner/maintainer of said package, and friends to enjoy it with!

    Proof of concept here.

  • @Unmutual It definitely seems interesting, but I'm not sure if - for me personally - it's worth the hassle.
    I think I'll stick to SP modding :p

  • I'm pretty sure any kind of online modding - regardless of the method, is prohibited here

    I clicked because I have done a lot of work with modding outfits for MP characters (which can be spawned in single player just like any other character model), and archived a lot of them in my Ultimate Outfit Pack if you want to take a look. It's just for single player, though.

  • @abstractmode said in Clothing modding for MP characters:

    I'm pretty sure any kind of online modding - regardless of the method, is prohibited here

    Nah, it's not. Clothing mods for MP characters are fine - they can't be used for cheating at all, and they're actually useful in singleplayer as well if you have a trainer to spawn peds/switch player models.

  • @rappo
    by "online modding" I meant "modifying GTA: Online"

    obviously there are a lot of multiplayer assets and character models you can access in single player, but as long as it's in single player I consider it "single player modding"

    but apparently my assumption (that openIV mods made to be used in GTA: Online were off limits) was incorrect, so nm

  • @abstractmode @rappo I think Rappo and I have had this discussion before, or at least hinted towards it, anything that I post about modding in MP is strictly from a non-cheating, non-exploiting angle.

    In fact, you can't access GTA:O with scripthook in your game. So the only files you could possibly use are ones that modify game assets or code. Some things, like parts of the weapons.xmls (I know they aren't .xmls anymore, but I can't shake the IV association) and other game code have specific network checks. Example, a bunch of my scopeless marksman rifle pictures were taken in MP, once I discovered the game didn't have an issue with the scope code, I tried something different. I tried editing how much ammunition was stored in each magazine. After multiple attempts with outrageous numbers and realistic numbers, that value refused to change in MP.

    Realistically, there's not anything for R* to squawk about, from their perspective you're just a player who's got some files other's do-or-don't have! You could have missed an update or something along those lines. Or you could be a tester trying out a new update. Since you aren't doing anything malicious, flags shouldn't be thrown.

    GTA:O is a great system and the future of the GTA series. However, R* has an obligation to maintain the status quo and insure their service is secure. It's their multi-million dollar baby, not ours. Having said that, I think that file editing in GTA:O is a much safer alternative to the MultiVs and FiveMs out there. (PERSONAL OPINION TIME LOOK AWAY IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT SORT OF THING)

    Quite frankly I see the future of MultiV, FiveM, and all the others ending the same way. Rappo getting a DMCA from T2/R*, the mod authors getting PIs sent to their door with cease and desist letters, and the cycle starting all over again.

    In a perfect world we could all have our way, but sadly I don't see it happening. R* would never sanction a cd-key checking GTA:O alternate and they certainly wouldn't sanction a non cd-key checking alternate. They are invested in this current system and I fail to see them deviating from it.

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