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Cant enter clothings stores

  • Hey guys, i just passed the Lester mission with Michael in the beginning and unlucked clothing stores. But i cant enter any of them, icon is there but door cant be pushed open. I am using Redux and few car add on mods but nothing related to stores, any help pls

  • @SourceUp ped mod? Usualy ped mods cause it.

  • @FoxtrotDelta

    I havent used any ped mods except whatever Redux features

  • @SourceUp i meant the ped mod for the character. anyways. its strange. why don't you refresh installation of redux


    @SourceUp Are you using Enhanced Native Trainer? If yes, be sure you don't have enabled an option to fix Despawn DLC Vehicles. This option causes that, and maybe it's your problem if you use this trainer.

  • Anyone knows how to fix it??

  • @MudPieMan you cant enter clpthing stores as non player characters i.e michael, franklin and or trevor.

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