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Backing up GTA

  • Let’s say I download my game from steam and I copy my game from steam to a separate file on my PC to back it up. Then comes a time when my game crashes and it time to use my back up file right? So do I start the game now from my backup folder and not from steam anymore or what?

  • @Kinghueycash If it's steam, unfortunately it requires the steam to launch it :/ You need a rockstar warehouse version PlayGTAV.exe to be able to launch it without steam. Although since the release of new rockstar launcher, I think then this time it would require the rockstar launcher instead :/

    What you can and need to do is, you need to restore your backup inside the game folder instead. If you have empty space in your hard drive, you can use mods folder so it won't break your original game files but of course new mods you install can break the modded files too so you still need to backup your mods folder as well :((

    Basically mods and scripts folder gonna be mostly enough but it never hurts to having a fullback up of the game. There was a time I installed an oiv mod named QuantV then ended up it's installer deleted my entire reshade files even the ini configs that took me a very long time and effort to tweak to my liking :/

  • @Aurora11 I’m trying to get a hang of all this but being new to pc it’s a lot lol. I’m gonna try and go by the steps you’re referring to but it seems complex not gonna lie

  • @Kinghueycash It is at the beginning unfortunately :(( I used to totally broke my games 3-4 times at my first modding times :)

    Let me know if you need any help. I would be happy to help :3

  • you keep the back up in a separate folder well away from the steam launcher folder. If your game becomes corrupted or problems arise, simply delete the files contained within the games root folder and copy the backup files back into it. You cannot launch from the backup folder.

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