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  • hi guys, i wanna play in OFFLINE using mod, script and more ... if i want play in ONLINE , how i can avoid and prevent they ban me instant? Maybe create a copy ?

  • yes, make a duplicate of the folder "Grand Theft Auto V". install mods in one and leave stock for the other. you can switch between the two folders by renaming (add a letter or something) the folder you dont intend to use

  • my preuccupation is when i start the GTA V STOCK he laod the other whit mod..is a video or something to see?

  • When using mods just remove dinput8.dll from the GTA V directory and that would prevent any mod from loading or script.

  • yeah is work? sorry for all this question but i need to be sure 100%

  • @MIC97 True. If you remove dinput8.dll, your mods won't work. scripthook depends on that file and other mods depends on scripthook. Not sure about the Rage Plugin Hook though.

  • yeah i use only mod works whit scripthook and OPEN IV for installing graphic mod car and more

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