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Cannot run GTAV after update (1.2060.1) on R* Launcher

  • Hi All,
    Wondering if anyone can help with my issue. I have GTA 5 through R* Launcher (not Steam or epic) and I reinstalled the game again a few weeks ago. Put some mods, updated the Scripthook and redownload all of the mods and scripts, and got fatal error (version unknown) when running the game with mods.

    I've been scouring the internet to find any fix and have tried downgrading the file version to 1.2060.0, but all of the exe I can find are either steam or epic version, so it did not work. Anyone have any solution for this or am I SOL and have to wait for Scripthook update?

    Anyone can help? Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • I'm in the same exact position. I'm stuck playing without mods. I've been asking for help for a week now, even offered money for someone to help me fix or figure it out... all I hear is crickets.

  • Hi, @BigUnlucky ,

    @Aurora11 is helping me currently with backed-up files from older version. As soon as I can try and get it running, I'll post the solution here (is it allowed? If not, I can PM) and credit @Aurora11 for the solution.

  • Yeah I'm having a problem like that too. When I mod Gta V, it takes me back to an older version and the mods won't work. when I take out the mods, the game goes back to the updated version.

  • I wonder if something happened during this update, that makes Rockstar not allow modded game anymore? I managed to at least get the game to the main menu by downgrading everything (game, R* launcher, Social club) and going offline mode (using no launcher mod), but that's about it. I can't launch the game as it seems to crash/kick me out to desktop while loading.

    Not sure whether it is because I have a save game in a newer version, or something else. It's quite frustrating trying to get modded game to work so I wonder how people are still modding this game (and able to run it) and why rockstar made it more difficult (or impossible) to run modded game (SP, mind you) as if it's not difficult to mod the game before.

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