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Help - passengers not entering vehicle correctly

  • Hi, Good day.

    I'm trying to create a bus mod and everything seems to go smoothly except for the part where the passengers try to enter the vehicle. I have already set the correct door and seat dummies but they seem to enter weirdly.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


    @rieljames Any real and useful information is greatly appreciated. This is not the proper way to ask for support. Please, see: How to ask for help and support


    @rieljames Honestly, you give us very little to go on. :) My guess? You used a vehiclelayout meta file for a bus with middle doors, perhaps?

  • Hi @meimeiriver. Thanks for the response xD

    Tbh, I wasn't able to give much info because I myself, have no idea where to start so I created a video showing how the passengers enter the bus instead.. This is my very first attempt at creating a mod for a game.

    Anyway, I haven't touched the vehicles.meta yet. I replaced the "bus" vehicle in-game so I'm assuming it's going to use the bus config in vehicles.meta.

    So I think my question is, is there a way to change in the vehicles.meta on how the passenger enter or get seated in the vehicle or you only do it by properly positioning the dummies in zmodeler?

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