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Porting a LUA script from GTA IV to V, can do?

  • I'm wondering if this is possible and if so, what would one need to do to make it work? Specifically I really want the TelFo mod + Magic Powers wheel that was really amazing. There is already something like it in GTAV but the controls are not the same, it's just not the same. I really want the original telfo in GTA V. So let's say we have the original LUA files. What name spaces would have to be changed? "object" to "object", "vehicle" to "vehicle" "ped" to "ped"? do they use the same classes and namespaces or nah? If anyone can offer any insight - or would be willing to help me do this or supervise me to do it, I would appreciate it much. thanks

  • @Avantgarde22
    I actually did this myself to make my Stop Reversing While Braking mod. From my experience it was fairly easy to convert it into C#. Not sure which programming language you're aiming for but it should be easy either way depending on the size of the project. If you want to DM me I could try to help you through it or give you some examples from the mod I did.

  • I think the target would be asi or whatever scripthookvdotnet uses, whatever language scripts in GTAV typically use. Ill be DMing you momentarily

  • ScriptHookVDotNet uses C#. ScriptHookV (ASI) uses C++.

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