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Modding explained for a retard?

  • Hey everyone as the title says i need some serious help with modding. I have only successfully modded once then a short time later I've had my game fail. What im asking is can someone suggest a really really easily explained way to mod vehicles into the game!? I modded gta 4 heaps but that was all thanks for the vehicle mod installer which obviously isnt around for GTA V.


  • ;)

  • @baluz thanks for that, i've been searching for ages for a decent video. Some went for 2 minutes, some went for 25 minutes!!

  • is it ok for thisone? you can do what you want?

  • @melias24 Use a mods folder with OpenIV. The origional game files will become your backup. Make a seperate full game directory backup (if you have the space, mine is on a usb flash drive) & youll never have to reinstall/redownload your game if you make a mistake.

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