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[VEHICLE][WIP] VOLVO 140 series (1966–1974)

  • The Volvo 140 Series is a line of mid-size cars manufactured and marketed by Volvo from 1966 to 1974 in two- and four-door sedan (models 142 and 144) as well as five door station wagon (model 145) body styles—with numerous intermediate facelifts. More than a million Volvo 140s were built.

    I want to make a model 144 from the early 70s because in 1979 my father bought a 7-year-old used Volvo 144 S (His 5th car). He sold it after two years, and bought a new VW Golf1 which he kept for the rest of his life... and yes, that is very young me on that pic... just about 40 years ago :)

    The 3D model I found is from the 60s ( https://www.desirefx.me/volvo-144-sedan-1967-3d-model/ ), in the 70s facelifting brought new grill, so I decided to create such.
    I might leave 60s grill as tuning part option.
    new grill

    In addition to the 144 version, I might try to make a 142 or 145 version as well ... maybe. But I work slowly because I have to exercise and walk for health reasons, after three new stents implanted in my coronary arteries :)
    in gta5

  • It's here! Looking good

  • 145 please , and get well woody!!

  • Model had no engine. I had to make up something... I knew it was Volvo's B20 engine, I searched the pics like this one:
    foto engine

    Volvo Amazon also had similar B20 engine... you can find it in "Forza"
    Amazon engine

    ...I adapted it, made some changes and here it is:
    ...not perfect, but good enough :) I guess.

  • Looking forward to it. Will you make the head chromed like in your reference?

  • @GreenAid This is probably not final look of the engine. I might do some more changes, especially about textures... I ll see what looks better or more natural.

  • Damn these oldie cars had so much space to work in the engine compartment under the hood. Makes me envious how you could change everything yourself easily for these types of rides back then. Now everything is stuffed into modern cars with as little space remaining as possible, urgh

  • The model didn’t really have an interior. It took a long time until I created a satisfactory one. This little video shows it:

  • testing...

  • Looking great!

  • LODs are done:)

  • Good luck! Thanks for "computerizing" another car, practically never existing in "dynamic 3D".

  • Volvo 144 published:

  • After I finish my "Volvo 144" it's time for the station wagon 145. All I have to do is "just" change half of the car :)
    Here is the progress:

  • @NajPotez nice one yes we need station wagongs

  • Some roof and livery tuning:

  • Replace version is made for "Ingot"

  • The LODs for the "Add-On" or "Replace" version are slightly different. It should be noted that in both versions a lot of polygons are contained in “Extras” that do not appear at the same time.
    Add-On version :
    lods addon

    Replace version:

    lods replace

  • Volvo 145 published:

  • To complete the 140 series, I still need to make a Volvo 142. This model has some racing history, so I’ll focus on racing tuning . Here are some pics:

  • Yup. Volvo had a works team in the 70s and prolly the most widely known drivers who drove the 142 was Alen and Mikkola. My personal livery favourite is Alen´s car from `73 1000 Lakes Rally

    alt text

  • @HRH Yes thank you. I will definitely include that. I'm working on it :)
    However, I don't think I can include the "facelifting" from 1973. Apart from the grille, the turn signals and the rear lights are also different ... I don't think I will be able to fit that through the tuning. Anyway, there’s no reason not to include livery from that year.

  • Testing tuning:

  • Can't you just make separate versions? It's also better to have different versions spawn naturally in traffic for those that wish so, rather than limit it to tuning. And you can also be more accurate with names, handling, etc. (if there's different engines for example).

  • @GreenAid I almost always make multiple versions. For the Volvo 144, for example, I made an additional 6 versions with different looks. I don't see the point in doing a separate version for each spoiler, bumper or sunstrip ... But there will probably be at least two replace versions with different grills without tuning. By the way, many people want cars with a lot of tuning options ... We don’t all play the same way.

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