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[VEHICLE][WIP] VOLVO 140 series (1966–1974)

  • The Volvo 140 Series is a line of mid-size cars manufactured and marketed by Volvo from 1966 to 1974 in two- and four-door sedan (models 142 and 144) as well as five door station wagon (model 145) body styles—with numerous intermediate facelifts. More than a million Volvo 140s were built.

    I want to make a model 144 from the early 70s because in 1979 my father bought a 7-year-old used Volvo 144 S (His 5th car). He sold it after two years, and bought a new VW Golf1 which he kept for the rest of his life... and yes, that is very young me on that pic... just about 40 years ago :)

    The 3D model I found is from the 60s ( https://www.desirefx.me/volvo-144-sedan-1967-3d-model/ ), in the 70s facelifting brought new grill, so I decided to create such.
    I might leave 60s grill as tuning part option.
    new grill

    In addition to the 144 version, I might try to make a 142 or 145 version as well ... maybe. But I work slowly because I have to exercise and walk for health reasons, after three new stents implanted in my coronary arteries :)
    in gta5

  • It's here! Looking good

  • 145 please , and get well woody!!

  • Model had no engine. I had to make up something... I knew it was Volvo's B20 engine, I searched the pics like this one:
    foto engine

    Volvo Amazon also had similar B20 engine... you can find it in "Forza"
    Amazon engine

    ...I adapted it, made some changes and here it is:
    ...not perfect, but good enough :) I guess.

  • Looking forward to it. Will you make the head chromed like in your reference?

  • @GreenAid This is probably not final look of the engine. I might do some more changes, especially about textures... I ll see what looks better or more natural.

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