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What is the resolution of the vanilla map/radar?

  • Just out of curiosity. Or is it a vector image? I don't know, I've just always wondered why the custom maps and radars we've made are set resolutions unlike the vanilla map. Because the vanilla maps appear to look like vector graphics, so why couldn't the same be done for custom ones?

  • @mrwallace888 I was talking with lorenvidican88 on pm and was asked about it. He said;

    The resolution for vanilla should be ~50k. It's not exactly 50k, but something like that. As I said, vanilla has 2 versions, 2k x 3k cover made with 6 images (1kx1k per image) and high resolution map (also the radar) which is made with multiple textures, that's why it is loaded fast and don't decrease the performance. I can't make mine with textures because it doesn't have that high resolution, and it will take forever.

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