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Yellow/beige texture glitches on spawned cars.

  • So, recently, my Deluxo and a handful of other cars have yellow/beige patches on them. These parts cannot be painted, so a painthob doesn't help. The car spawns with this glitch using Simple Trainer or Deluxe Motorsport Dealer, there is no way of obtaining a "new" Deluxo. Any way to fix this? I searched a lot and while I found other people with the same problem (going back years), I haven't found a solution. It all worked in the beginning after installed my mods, now these appear with time...

    Here are my mods:
    Visual Vanilla

  • Ok, so when I remove the mod folder, the bug is fixed. So my plan is to remove the Deluxo files from my mod folder. How do I find it there?

  • @frontendrob use the search function in openiv

  • I tried that and no Deluxo related file was found, also looked through the folders manually. Must be something else, hard to toubleshoot.

  • @frontendrob Did you try searching with Ctrl+F3 or just typed deluxo on the search bar at the top right? Because that bar is actually filter, not searching.

    Although I doubt you would find the deluxo in your mods folder.

    Good thing though, you can find which mod is actually causing this. I would suggest you to rename your mods folder to something else like modsbackup and make a new mods folder. Then go ahead and install the mods one by one and check the deluxo after each installation. Once you find the culprit mod you can either remove it or we can take a look at it together which file might be causing it.

    Could you also upload a screenshot?

  • @frontendrob
    Yeah, screenshots :thumbsup:

    Deluxo should be in mpchristmas2017:


    One thing you might want to eliminate first tho, is to make sure all of the 'vehshare.ytd' files in your 'mods' folder are all identical.

    OpenIV > Ctrl+F3 > Search mods folder only (in 'Search area:' dropdown box) > vehshare.ytd

    & investigate each file (file size is first clue) to see if they contain all the same identical textures.

    If you do find any differences, you amalgamate all of the vehshare textures you need into one 'vehshare.ytd' & overwrite every other 'vehshare.ytd' in your 'mods' folder with it.

  • Thanks for the tips fellas, I will look into it later and report back!

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