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[SCRIPT] Change Armor values mod

  • Can someone make a mod in which you can modify the player's armor strength?
    There should be an .ini file in which you can change the values for the armor strength.

    Why such a mod? --> The vanilla armor is way to weak. Even with the strongest vest you will loose your armor after 2-3 hits.

  • I'm not familiar with making mod menus, but I could change the values of all armors to more relevant strengths, if you could specify the .ini for the armors.

  • @ICV Welcome. I don't know what the vanilla values of the different armor types are. What I know is that there are 5 types of armor in GTA5:
    Super Light Armor: (20% armor)
    Light Armor: (40%)
    Standard Armor: (60%)
    Heavy Armor: (80%)
    Super Heavy Armor: (100%)
    So it would be awesome if you can make a mod in which you can change the armor strength of all types for example 2x stronger, 4x stronger, 6x stronger and 8x stronger.

  • I'm going to try my best. It'll take a while though.

  • @Marcel2015 Mate I've firstly messed around with making a menu, but that wasn't really my thing, so would you still be glad if I just made a change to the armor files?

  • @ICV That's ok for me. I don't need a menu. I'm looking forward to play with your files. Thanks in advance!

  • @Marcel2015 I will do my best, for you!

  • @Marcel2015 Where can I find the file for the armor values?

  • @ICV That's the point! I don't know which files to tweak. I made a thread here in the forum, but no one has answered.

  • @Eddlm Hey Eddlm, maybe you can help to do this mod. I would really like to know which files are responsible for the players armor.

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