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GTA V Play Online whit MOD

  • Hello, some can help? I want play ONLINE and same time have mod and script to play OFFLINE whitout ban. I see on internet some guide but i dont undertasnd much... How i can play prevent BAN? Thx

  • Cant find my problem

  • @MIC97

    You have to remove the mods and scripts from your GTA V directory and then go online. So anything you download and put in the GTA V directory should be removed.

  • @IAmJFry only the directory? sorry but i cant understanbd D:

  • @MIC97
    Yea. The GTA V directory where GTA V is installed. Anything that's not a part of the original installation should be removed. So if you installed scripts like a trainer or something, you should remove that.

    Not sure but I think there's mod managers on the site you can download that'll help you.

  • can u link them?

  • To play online and keep your mods and scripts all you have to do is remove or move the dinput8.dll from your GTA V game directory. When you want mods back into the game just install diput8.dll again.

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