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Parking sensors/parking camera for vehicles

  • I would like to ask if anyone can make a sensor mod or reversing camera for gta V.
    I know it doesn't look like that much, but I think it would give the game more realism.
    And, after some searches on google I discovered that there is for GTA SA and GTA IV, and why not for GTA V too?
    Does anyone know how to do this?
    I would also like to learn how to make mods, if anyone made it available I would be grateful. Thank you for reading this post.

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  • Yes you can easily do this. All you have to do is shoot a raycast in 6 different positions from the vehicle center ignoring the vehicle. Raycast straight, front left, front right, backwards, back left, back right and then get the results of where it hits.

    Then you calculate the distance from the car center to the hit point. Then you can get the size of the vehicle and take that into account and then start beeping the tones depending on the distance.

    It is easy to implement, the only issue I have is how to display the information without introducing some ugly GUI into the mix. My only idea is to tap into the radio display or dashboard scaleform for each vehicle and render basic shapes in there but not all vehicles make it easy to look at these, some are too small or hidden behind the wheel for first person.

    I like the mod idea, I will play around with this see if I can come up with something.

  • @systematic thank you very much for the tips, but i don't know anything about how to do this, if you want help i can try but i don't promise anything.
    thanks for liking the idea.
    sorry for the delay but i haven't had time to come to this site
    managed to make the mod?
    if you want to contact enter the discord NYX# 3553

  • @D3DSEC Still in the process of it.

  • @systematic thanks if i can help in something please entry in contact in my discord

  • Anyone managed this? Was going to make a thread about it but I was advised to reply to this one instead.

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