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Custom Hair/Clothing help [willing to pay for your time]

  • Hi, I had a few questions about hair and clothing. I am learning 3ds Max and zModeler. There are not many resources that teach you how to actually go about this. I have some experience through the sims but that is much more straight forward.

    If someone would be willing to look at what I have so far and just guide me through a few things that im sure I am over thinking, i would greatly appreciate it. I am not looking to profit off this skill and instead release hair with proper LODs and decent textures for free.

    For now I am working with sim files but am working on full custom hair, just need to get a little more comfortable with 3ds max.

    I would be more than happy to pay for your time. You can add me on discord but i'll be watching here as well.
    alt text

  • I still cannot understand, what you want to tell by this post.

  • @christellewilde someone who knows how to do custom hair for gta and the steps. to sit and talk to me for all of 30 minutes to make sure ive got the process right.

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