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Livery via vehiclemods.rpf

  • Hi to all! I have a problem. I add new livery to the car, like tuning, but it does not appear in the game. But on the other car that I downloaded - everything works.

    What am I doing?

    • In the model I put on DETAIL 2 template ("car_sign_1.dds") and add it to car.ytd

    • In content.xml I prescribe the paths to vehiclemods.rpf.

    • Add Item with VMT_LIVERY_MOD type to carcols.meta

    • Add a file with livery (car_livery1.yft) livery to vehiclemods.rpf

    But still, nothing works. What am I doing wrong? Please tell me.

    P.S. Before there was no tuning at all.

  • @slowzer49 You need to add "FLAG_HAS_LIVERY" to the vehicles.meta

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