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A mod to turn off NPC in game, reduce map ?

  • The loading is too slow for me, So i figure if turn of most stuff i don't use would work.
    Like turn of NPC, car, Turn off AI for them, etc. I just need to use this mod "Aikido Free Cam". Also i don't use that many space anyway. So there is a ways they won't render the whole map and just a small area ? or maybe there are mod that you can load different map ?

  • Wow! This is very nice.

  • Menyoo can also disable NPCs.

  • Turning off NPCs via Menyoo is one option, although I doubt it'd help load times in any noticeable way. Another option is buying a cheap 120GB SSD and chucking GTA V on there which will help load times significantly, or overclocking your CPU or more importantly your RAM.

  • @gdfGDS44 NPCs probably wouldn't increase much, although turning off vehicles does a significant amount of performance gain. Of course this is also related on the traffic density and variation settings he uses and amount of modded cars.

    If both settings are at lowest and there is no modded cars, turning them off would only gain slight performance. Maybe 10 fps.

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