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Suggestion for site functionality.

  • I suggest doing something like a blacklist of users. For example, to add someone to such a list and never see his fashion again. I am very annoyed by some characters who post 5-10 banal recolouring of textures or some kind of tattoos every day. They clog up the site. There are also a lot of users who like mods for mp female with huge asses and breasts, it's so disgusting, I never want to see their work again.

  • @MARK2580 What's wrong with huge asses and breasts?

  • @death7991 said in Suggestion for site functionality.:

    @MARK2580 What's wrong with huge asses and breasts?

    these mods are not as realistic as possible, they have a perfect flat stomach but huge hips and butt, such can only be found in a fat woman, and not with a flat stomach.

  • Heavily agree with the first post, not so much the rest. Still, I doubt this functionality would ever be added since even simpler things which were requested years ago have yet to be implemented. A bit poor for the biggest mod site for GTA5 and one of the biggest mods sites in general.


    I concur yet I too doubt we'll see changes like above implemented.

    The site was custom built by the previous administrator and owner, rappo. When Nexus took over its operations in 2018 it didn't even have moderation tools or logging of any sorts in place...

    Since then the most nessecary changes were implemented but devs noticed a lot of custom code and as result, "change one thing, break another", which is one of the reason many suggested feature changes are seemingly ignored. And/or never fixed like the user being able to change profile picture.

    We do keep track, and list changes suggested, for review by staff and devs, but as I said, most are deemed 'impossible' with both site (mod pages and forums) in their current state.

  • @ReNNie Well at least the suggested features are being recognized, I guess that's a starting point. Is the chance of a site/forum redesign to help bring much need functionality a possibility in the future?

  • @gdfGDS44 I doubt they are. All those topics under the suggestion section is honestly nothing but a piling up garbage. I don't think they really care about our suggestion at all. They just want the site works and as long as "it just works" -insert Todd the Frog Howard here-

    they are not going to take any suggestion into action.

    Judging by how many ads in the site in addition of the income from nexusmods and considering they even said they are starting an office in a very good place of UK, they are making much more than enough money to create a brand new proper website that in a fully functional order. Yet they are just ignoring it. Why? Cuz it just works

  • It is a pity that the administration is too lazy to add something new. It burns wildly for me at the sight of content from the user Nivinha, let's speak directly and not only from me. Few people like these mods. As a modder with 12 years of experience, trying to do everything with maximum quality, I cannot look at most of the terrible quality of models or, for example, users who upload the most noticeable texture changes to some thread, portonography or hentai. I want to go to the site and see high-quality interesting content, where I see huge asses, breasts, hentai, all sorts of lipsy MP characters made of a man and other rubbish.

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