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I believe my old account was wrongly banned

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    Hello :) my AUSSIE_LAd_96 account was banned out of the blew for racism. I have never said or typed anything racist but I believe my ex typed random crap pretending to be me as she did to me on a few unrelated sites and accounts. It doesn't bother me too much now as I have a new account but I wonder why should I loose all my bookmarks because I trusted the wrong person? Please unban that account if possible. I promise you nothing like that will happen again


    @AUSSIE_DUDE_96 @meimeiriver
    ah, thanks for pointing that out to us
    I've disabled the newly made account as we do now allow for ban evading like this
    your excuse it wasn't you is almost at the same level "no no my kid brother typed that shit" tbh

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    @ReNNie Guess who has a VPN and will just keep making more and more accounts. You can't stop me anymore you can stop the real hackers, bullies and other villains. Think you can just ban people life long and without fair warning and still have good karma and call yourself a decent human being? You are being tyrants! I I gave my reasons with truth and you probably thought this argument was over before it began. Go ahead ban this account too. YOU CAN'T STOP ANYONE! You help absolutely no one by banning. I spoke my truth and got punished for it. Imagine how that feels in my shoes before you do what ever you do next. Maybe think about banning people differently before you tick off the wrong person and they completely destroy the community or push to make moding illegal for good. Don't ban people just because you are too lazy to work out how to use the technology that prevents people typing anything using profanity. Yes people should know better not too type it but ultimately when the tech exist for you to prevent such messages and comments adapt and use it because banning people clearly does not work. I only hope this helps you change into being something better.

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    @ReNNie Hope you come to your senses on just how useless banning is. All it literally is a mild set back. I want this site to be something better. At least give people fair warning. Banning out the blew in the long run will do you more harm then good.



    I was expecting a reaction like

    "But it is true, sorry for creating a duplicate account instead of first reaching out to staff
    and could you re-instate my original account anyway?"

    Instead you chose to threaten this community. Goodbye.

  • @AUTISTC_GUY_1996 said in I believe my old account was wrongly banned:

    Don't ban people just because you are too lazy to work out how to use the technology that prevents people typing anything using profanity

    You were banned, by yours truly, for overt racism. No need to quote it, as we both know what you said.

    As for the rest, I would first like to point out the legality of things, which is that you are SOLELY responsible for what happens to/with your account. It is not incumbent on me to try and determine whether perhaps an ex used your account.

    Also, along with what Ren said, we prefer mature, adult reactions, along the lines of "Sorry, I made a stupid remark," or "Yes, my bad, I hadn't bothered to ask permission to take that car." But "It was my kid brother who stole that car," or "Someone else made that racial slur," as you've noticed, doesn't really get you anywhere.

    In case an account actually does genuinely get compromized -- and this goes for all -- you contact the staff immediately, and we will try and remedy the situation. However, making threats, and yelling we can't stop you, again, horrid set of choices on your end, and quite indicative of us having made the exact right choice banning you.

    EDIT: Perhaps in abundance, but you sharing your account is, in itself, a violation of the TOS:

    "You may not use anyone else's Account at any time and you may not allow anyone else to use your Account at any time. You are responsible for all activity occurring under your Account, including all activities or transactions conducted through the use of your Account."

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