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how do i freeze props by c#

  • i tried var model = new Model("imp_prop_impexp_boxwood_01"); Function.Call(Hash.CREATE_OBJECT, model, 263.4021f, 222.5298f, 100.6844f, false, false, false); Function.Call(Hash.FREEZE_ENTITY_POSITION, model, true); but it doesnt work


    @ShadoFax You already got your answer on Discord, I believe; but, just for good measure, here's the full sequence for creating and freezing your prop's position:

    var model = new Model ("whatever");
    if (model.IsInCdImage && model.IsValid) {
        Prop returnedProp = World.CreateProp (model, pos, false, false);
        if (returnedProp != null && returnedProp.Handle != 0) {
            returnedProp.FreezePosition = true;

    Where 'pos' is just a valid Vector3.

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