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Attempting to add SAHP to the Countryside Freeways.

  • So recently I've been trying to add the SAHP to the Freeways/Highways in the Countryside and only the countryside. I've been able to get them to spawn on the Freeways in LS but not the Countryside, the Sheriff's still spawn on the Countryside Freeways/Highways. Would anyone happen to know what I would need to change in dispatch to get the SAHP to spawn ONLY on the Countryside Freeways/Highways in place of the Sheriff's?

  • @Man-With-a-Cup
    This theory has been confirmed not to work, see this thread.

    This should :thinking: get you most, if not all of the way to what you want (perhaps, unconfirmed).

    It might need some small edits to cover all Countryside Freeway zones (if Rockstar named some differently for example, see 'Background Info:' below for that), but did a quick test & it appears most, if not all freeway zones have 'freeway' in the name.

    Make a backup of 'update.rpf' beforehand obvs :thumbsup:


    • Grab this decrypted zonebind.ymt & install it (drag & drop) over the original here:


    • Then open up 'dispatch.meta' & add a '<Vehicle>' sections named 'VEHICLE_RESPONSE_COUNTRYSIDE_HW' like this:


    • Afterwards it should look somewhat like this:

    Full 'POLICE_CAR' '<Vehicle>' Section Example:

    				<ZoneType>VEHICLE_RESPONSE_COUNTRYSIDE_HW</ZoneType> <!-- 'VEHICLE_RESPONSE_COUNTRYSIDE_HW' section added here -->
    					<Vehicle>policeb</Vehicle> <!-- SAHP Vehicle added here -->
    					<Vehicle>scoquette</Vehicle> <!-- SAHP Vehicle added here -->
    					<Vehicle>scoquette</Vehicle> <!-- SAHP Vehicle added here -->

    That's it, repeat the process for all the '<Vehicle>' sections you want your SAHP vehicles to appear in & then install that 'dispatch.meta' & test the result in-game.

    Any issues/questions, give me a shout :thumbsup:

    Background Info:
    Useful if you find some Highway sections have been missed, or you want to edit further etc.

    Basically, what I did was:

    • Open up 'zonebind.ymt' & search for '<spName>freeway</spName>'
    • Then change all the 'freeway' 'collision_722e1381_3o5hd5' lines that had 'VEHICLE_RESPONSE_COUNTRYSIDE' in them to 'VEHICLE_RESPONSE_COUNTRYSIDE_HW' (any name will work)
    • Then added 'VEHICLE_RESPONSE_COUNTRYSIDE_HW' sections to 'dispatch.meta' so there were some dispatch vehicles to spawn.

    Extra Info:
    Useful if you need to identify & locate the area of a zone in the game.

    The '<zoneName>' lines in 'zonebind.ymt' corrolate to lines of the same name in 'popzone.ipl' which give you the in-game co-ordinates that the zone covers:


          <zoneName>FrW29</zoneName> <!-- The 'FrW29' in this line ties to a 'FrW29' line in 'popzone.ipl' -->
          <collision_7111ac8a_s3gzpn value="7" />
          <vehDirtMin value="0.000000" />
          <vehDirtMax value="0.700000" />
          <vehDirtGrowScale value="0.250000" />
          <pedDirtMin value="0.000000" />
          <pedDirtMax value="0.250000" />
          <collision_ce694946_9wex6bz value="54" />
          <collision_3acf3621_6qxknh value="54" />
          <collision_15cf5017_r3uqar value="54" />
          <collision_554360b5_2qrbh2 value="0.000000" />
          <collision_7a9914fd_738t2vu value="0.000000" />
          <collision_56de3ed1_9kyb3hw value="1.000000" />
          <collision_895699cc_4grhh7b value="1.000000" />
          <collision_3cbb62e0_87duti0 value="-1" />
          <collision_008ed931_9ozzypr value="false" />
          <collision_aebefeed_9qf2d2j value="false" />


    FrW29, 1902.51, 2302.25, 0.0, 1949.66, 2403.49, 1250.0, Desrt, 0 <!-- linked to 'FrW29' section in 'zonebind.ymt' -->

    popzone.ipl coordinates format:

    FrW29, (x min), (y min), 0.0, (x max), (y max), 1250.0, Desrt, 0 <!-- ignore other values, height etc -->

    If you copy the line & change it into this format:

    (x min), (y min)
    (x max), (y max)

    'FrW29' Example:

    1902.51, 2302.25
    1949.66, 2403.49

    you can paste it straight into the 'Data (1 per line):' box (bottom right) on this GTA V Interactive Map & see what area it covers (hit the 'Find (Multi)' button under the box to apply & blue tags will appear on the map marking the area rectangle's bottom left & top right points).

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thanks man, I'll take a look and see if this work.

  • Hello, sorry for sort of necroing this thread, but has doing this actually worked for you? I have tried to do this myself, however the game just considers any custom defined VEHICLE_RESPONSE group as a replacement for the VEHICLE_RESPONSE_DEFAULT response type. In other words, when adding any VEHICLE_RESPONSE_###### group, it just spawns that agency instead of the LSPD. I have not figured out a solution, and I have been trying to do so for over a month now.

  • @anytech18 said in Attempting to add SAHP to the Countryside Freeways.:

    it just spawns that agency instead of the LSPD

    That's the point of this thread, to edit 'zonebind.ymt' & replace the normal VEHICLE_RESPONSE group (in certain areas) with a custom one, so it is called instead of VEHICLE_RESPONSE_DEFAULT &/or VEHICLE_RESPONSE_COUNTRYSIDE when you are in that area. :thumbsup:

  • @anytech18 Yeah it doesn't work,
    No matter what group and how many, the first one you will create under VEHICLE_RESPONSE_COUNTRYSIDE will dispatch everywhere.
    I was surprised to see this topic claiming that you can add different police cars to be dispatched to different zones and would be this easy...since no modder has been able o do this (excluding heavy scripts that tanks ur fps in half) since 2015 when the game came out.

  • @rhazzy & anyone else interested in this:

    You can add in a new vehicle response, but you can only create one & you need to make sure it is called 'enum_ad76c606_781vcpv' (or 'hash_AD76C606' should work also, but I haven't tested that) & then it will work :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    I cant seem to open zonebind.ymt. i used a edited one from a mod to see if it would unlock like i did for popgroups and nada!, I see that Lots of people here have passed that road block. I am new i started 1 month ago. never did any of this befor. I am also puzzeled at how the strippers stay fixed at unicorn. they dont spawn out . I tryed spawning a replaced ped there, not a stripper. and they spawn out side in side everywere. How dos one fix that. I figured out how to install my custom movement in the game useable for my Model. it was hard but i did it. can the yyc files be opend? theres

  • @Canadas14
    Open/edit 'zonebind.ymt' by exporting it to XML using CodeWalker's RPF Explorer (Codewalker > '[<<]' (button, top right) > '[Tools...]' button > RPF Explorer... > Search for/navigate to model > right-click 'zonebind.ymt' > 'Export to XML... (Ctrl+S)') & then viewing it with a text editor (Notepad++ etc). Always get CodeWalker from it's Discord link, the one on gta5-mods is years out of date & missing functionality.
    To reinstall the edited file, in CodeWalker, right-click anywhere in the original folder > 'Import XML...' (UI will blink when import complete (few seconds at most usually))

    No idea about strippers or animations etc

  • @a63nt-5m1th thanks, the anim i got, same use code walker xml then blender/3ds. still cant figuer out how to get a ped to spawn in a buliding like unicorn eg stripper fixed place. just like hookers they always spawn same place. i cant find that data
    Thanks for the tip

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