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Mod Request: disable cars from stopping when Drone flying

  • Hi all!
    I have a mod request, for a care not stopping mod.
    I asked LeFix , but i saw the last online date was 3 years ago!
    So i'll be asking here, and i really hope someone good with scripting wants to pick it up..

    I just installed the LeFix quadcopter fpv mod, and dialled it all in pretty tight in combination with my real life fpv taranis remote, on wich i might do a tutorial:)

    Now there is one thing that i really would love to see different when FPV freestyle flying.. and it can probably be solved with a script mod.
    The cars stop every time i stunt fly around and go close in front of the cars, and i would like them to keep driving! Ironically opposite of the essence of GTA!
    Ideally would be some option to set their tendency to stop or not stop.

    I have searched in the mod listings but i cant seem to find a car drive on mod.

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