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Game launches but won't start... but it isn't freezing (story mode)

  • Out of nowhere my game launches fine but never actually starts. It isn't freezing or crashing, and the little spinning ring at the bottom right of the screen never stops spinning, yet the game never starts. It does this with the current game using the Rockstar launcher as well older versions using NoGTAVlauncher. Same result either way.

    Any idea what's happening there?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Verify game files in your launcher? Disable mods? Try without NoGTAVlauncher?

  • Finally got the issue resolved on my own. Rockstar gave me lots of suggestions, none of which worked, and ultimately told me the problem was likely due to my older OS (Win7) and strongly alluded the current version of the game won't work with Win7 and would require upgrading to Windows 10. I didn't feel their assessment was accurate but by that point Rockstar had run out of ideas and pretty much dismissed me.

    I eventually discovered the remedy on my own through process-of-elimination. I deleted my Profiles folder in My Documents/Rockstar Games/GTA V and the game started right away, albeit at the very beginning. It did NOT require an upgrade to Windows 10, as I'm still using Win7.

    I save every new game version and simply loaded a recent save, which I archived prior to experiencing any problems and was able to go right back to where I was nearly two weeks ago when all this began.

    The problem has been RESOLVED.

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