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Menyoo doesn't work for me

  • Hi i just bought gta 5 a few days ago on the pc because i wanted to mod,
    So i'm new to this. I tried installing menyoo in C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V, i already installed open iv and scripthook, but when i launch the game and i press f8 it doesnt seem to work. can somebody help me or tell me what im doing wrong. when i try to go online it says that i have an altered game does this have to do with anyting?I have it on the rockstarlauncher and im running the latest version.

  • cant help you with menyoo cause i dont use it. for the second issue, that's because the game disables you from entering online when you have foreign files (scripthook, menyoo, mods) in your gta folder. you cant play online with mods

  • If menyoo doesnt work for u watch this vid

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