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Addon Car tuning not working

  • I recently converted a replacement car to an addon. the issue is that I cant get the tuning parts to carry over. I have the tuning parts (vehicle mods) in the right place I just don't know what file/code has to be written to make them show up in the menyoo for optional parts like bumpers, spoilers, etc. I edited the carcols.meta to have all the parts in the right places and code but its still not working. Is there something else I have to do or edit? also I cant change the stock wheels that come on the car, it just crashes menyoo.

  • @JDMJunkie7
    If you set the '<kits>' line in it's 'carvariations.meta' to '0_default_modkit'



    & when you load the game, you get back the ability to change the wheels, it's most likely you have a modkitID conflict.

  • @a63nt-5m1th thanks!

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