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Character goes through objects from a YMAP

  • Hey guys I've recently downloaded villas, house, garages and installed them as YMAPs

    Idk what happened because Ive done this before and there seems to be no problem.

    However, with the mod Villa Jay Way, whenever I try to drive on the ramp on the way up to the house, I just go through the ramp. This happens with vanilla and dlc cars and add on cars as well.

    I'm using the latest map builder and map editor so idk whats happening.

    Its not the just with Villa Jay Way, it also happens with other garages and buildings I downloaded as ymaps. Theres this big garage building in Sandy shores that I downloaded, and theres a little elevation when going in the garage, like a small ramp thats as big as 1 step stair. But when I drive towards it, I just go through it as if there was no ramp, and a part of my car is submerged in the floor.

    Help me please ;_;

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