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Is it possible to add props to addon peds?

  • Because of many clothing options, I downloaded the addon ped that replaces Trevor (instead of standalone version). However since I want to play the addon (don't want Trev's awkward idle animations or commentary :P ), I made it addon ped by copying it's folder, yft and ymt. Renamed them and it works as addon ped now. Also doesn't remove the scuba tank while on land which is very great :D

    However I can't get the props work like glasses, hats etc. They don't show up.

    I tried replacing it with task_007 which is a helmet, changed the file name for ydd to task_007_u.ydd and ytd to task_diff_007_a_uni and changed the texture name inside ytd as well. However whichever task_XXX I change it to, it always spawns at the back of his hip instead of head :/

    Is it possible to make those props work or properly replace with a clothing part?

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