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Character Swap

  • Still unable to use money even after character swap. I can’t buy. It doesnt increase or decrease. Am I doing something wrong?


    @jaem I think you need to use a trainer to add money to the Ped you switched to

  • @ReNNie Will that work with my MP? I swapped him with Franklin but I can’t use money. Only the main 3 characters.

  • @jaem Did you select Franklin's hash in the ChracterSwap's menu?


    WGotch07 said in Character Swap:

    @jaem Did you select Franklin's hash in the ChracterSwap's menu?

    forgot to mention that!

  • @WGotch07 Maybe I’m doing it all wrong. This is how I was taught to switch through Menyoo. I select the main character I want to replace, change the model build to a random ped(male) then go to Director mode. Then I switch from the random ped, to my created character that I would use Online, then enter direct mode. I then exit Director mode and have my character in story mode. Then I open Character Swap and press Franklin. Everything works except I can’t use/earn any money. Am I doing the set up wrong?

  • @jaem Use Simple Trainer, as it can detect your MP character in Director Mode and save it.

    To do this having installed it, go to Director Mode, select your MP Character, then open the trainer, navigate to Model Spawning, Clothes Menu, MP Model's Customization, hit Detect MP Model in Director Mode, then go back to Clothes Load/Save Menu and select a slot to save your MP Character.

    After switching to Franklin in Story Mode, change the model to MP Male, select your MP character from Clothes Load/Save Menu, then open CharaterSwap's menu, select presets, hit Franklin's hash and you should be able do the normal stuff in story mode with your MP character.

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