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Help regarding revmatching with handling.

  • I don't entirely know what revmatching is but my assumption is that when you upshift, you match the RPMs with the RPM the car will be in when you switch to the higher gear. So if you upshift at 8K, and it brings it down to 5K, then you shift smoothly to 5K.

    Anyways, what's a good way of recreating this with GTA V handling? It mostly depends on the engine inertia values and clutch scale values. So how can I calculate a good value for each? So for example, if my upshift and downshift scales are 1.2, what's a good engine inertia value?

  • @mrwallace888 I couldn't fully understand but might be increasing the fdriveinertia maybe? :thinking:

    Do you mean when you upshift or downshift the RPM stays same?

  • I guess?

  • @mrwallace888 Nevermind I checked some videos and understand what you meant :) I guess it "should" be possible using manual transmission mod maybe? I'm not sure can this be done with vehicles have speed pedals or automatic transmission though as the car can do that on it's own.

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