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Zmodeler3 issue: The "delete" button is greyed out in the Scene nodes browser

  • The "delete" button is greyed out in the Selection structure states section in the Scene nodes browser of zmodeler3. I imported a vehicle from gta 5, the "asia2", because I wanted to do something to it but, once I exported it now I can't get rid of it. It's just sitting there and I have no way to get rid of it or delete it because the option is not available. The delete button in the Scene nodes browser is greyed out. I tried to right-click on the mouse but, the "delete" option does not show, it only shows "Reference" (e.g. Select > Reference). As it matter of fact, there's no way to delete anything once I import it to zmodeler. Check pic below to give you a better idea of what I"m talking about. I need help with this because if I want to import more cars in there and then I can't delete them afterwards they're just gonna be stuck in zmodeler, piling up. How do I get the "delete" option??


  • @JAM102970 Just start a new project. Click File>New

  • @death7991 After trial and error trying to solve the problem, I managed to delete the vehicle I wanted to get rid of by using the "Delete" tab under the "Modify" tab. It still didn't turn on the "delete" tab in the Scene nodes browser, which is more convenient but, to my surprise now the "delete" option magically shows up when I mouse right-click on the object. Before I was only getting one single option,"Reference", but now I get other options when I right-click on the vehicle I want to delete, now I get Copy, delete and flip in the "Edit" sub-category. Thanks for your suggestion anyways.

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