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Add-On Vehicle's Bug

  • For some reason i cannot enter some of my Add-On Vehicles even if i press the enter vehicle button so many times.

    If I forced them to enter the vehicle by using Simple Trainer at the 'Warp In the Vehicle' option , they will freeze in the car and make a T-Pose. While the car still driveable, it still give me an unpleasant gameplay with the MC doing weird pose in my favourite Add-On Vehicle.

    Is anybody having same problems as me?

    FYI I'm running the latest version of GTA 5 with 210 AddOn Vehicle's folder... So far I'm using three trainer which is Simple Trainer, Menyoo and Rampage.

  • @spearrex
    Link to an add-on that this happens with & I'll download it & take a look :thumbsup:

  • Same, Is there a way to deal with it?

  • @spearrex @MNSTR I believe your issue is caused by vehiclelayouts.meta

  • Downloaded Adoon vehicle is
    I tried reinstalling the game, but it's still the same

  • @Aurora11 can you elaborate that?
    What do i need to fix that?

  • @spearrex Unfortunately I don't know much about that thing either. but some addon vehicle have a file named vehiclelayouts.meta inside their .rpf\common\data\ai . That file is controlling things like .. for example makes you sit at the right seat if the vehicle is right wheel drive, or makes the back seats are enterable even if the vehicle has only 2 doors (you know that some vehicles have 2 doors only but still have 3 other seats at the back).

    So that might be the issue about stucking when you try to enter but I don't know how to edit that file or create a new one :(

  • @Aurora11 thank you for that..

    Finally i found the problems
    There are the two AddOn Vehicles Folder that somewhat makes these problems appearing...

    1. Bentley Brooklands
    2. Porsche 918

    After i delete those two folders, the AddOn Vehicles can be entered as normal and drivable as usual without the MC doing the weird T-Pose again..

    Thank you for your comments guy..

  • @spearrex Oh. Very happy you solved the problem fren :)))

  • How many add on cars do you have right now?

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