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Can you change engine "effect" volumes?

  • I was messing with 151 and 54 REL files, and I happened to notice something.

    So I was using Aquaphobic's realistic engine add-on pack, and I edited the RB26DETT sound so that it had a turbo without needing a turbo engine upgrade. I changed the dump valve and turbo sounds, using the ones from the Elegy Retro. However, getting in game, the dump valve sounds fine, but I'm not hearing the actual turbo whine.

    However, using other engine sounds and giving some of them a stock turbo also, I can use that same whine effect (like for example, the veh_elegy_synth_turbo or whatever it's called), and I can hear it rather clearly. Both engine sounds use the same turbo whine, so why is one quiet/barely audible, and the other isn't?

    In this case, is there a line somewhere in one of the REL files that I can edit to edit the actual volume of the turbo whine? Because I can hear the Elegy Retro's stock turbo whine, but if I put that same whine sound on other engine sounds, then it's either a lot quieter or just inaudible.

  • @mrwallace888
    Try changing the 'EngineSubmix' entries to the same as the entries in the one that you can hear the turbo whine in. That might help highlight the whine. Very basically the 'EngineSubmix' is somewhat like a graphics equalizer for that engine sound. As a by-product It can highlight or reduce certain sounds/frequencies & is mostly (other Unk values do also change the sound slightly) what gives a certain engine sound it's unique characteristics.



    The submixes themselves can be edited (or new ones created possibly) in the '_amp.dat10.rel' files, but that's a bit more advanced & will take some reverse engineering, as we don't yet know exactly what each value does etc. Lots of trial & error for that.

    For the turbo sounds that are inaudible, there may be something else going on & stopping the sound from playing at all. Not necessarily, but you probably want to double-check that or just ignore them right now until you become more confident of what does what & you can diagnose them thoroughly etc. :thumbsup:

    @mrwallace888 said in Can you change engine "effect" volumes?:

    is there a line somewhere in one of the REL files that I can edit to edit the actual volume of the turbo whine?

    That might be the case, there could well be some Unk or flag value somewhere that controls the volume of individual sounds (as well as what the EngineSubmix can do). Not sure where though. As you will have seen, there's a fickin ton of Unk values to test.

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Also I still can't find anything regarding a hybrid engine, wanted to make the Hachura R mod's engine sound be gas-powered but I don't see anything regarding the hybrid portion.

  • @mrwallace888
    Which Hachura R mod?

    The hybrid parts in the '_game.dat151.rel.xml' file are the parts of the file that looks like this:

    Example: (Hachura R Custom)

       <ElectricEngine>hash_AD6591DA</ElectricEngine> <!-- same hash as '<Name>' hash below -->

    hash_AD6591DA = 'hachura_electric_engine'

      <Item type="Unk108" ntOffset="12262">
       <Name>hash_AD6591DA</Name> <!-- same hash as '<ElectricEngine>' above, aka 'hachura_electric_engine' -->
       <Unk01 value="1200" />
       <Unk03 value="-1200" />
       <Unk04 value="1200" />
       <Unk05 value="1000" />
       <Unk07 value="-1200" />
       <Unk08 value="1200" />
       <Unk09 value="10" />
       <Unk10 value="1200" />
       <Unk12 value="-1200" />
       <Unk13 value="1200" />
       <Unk14 value="1200" />

    Those '<Unk##>hash_########</Unk##>' values just above link to WrapperSound/VariableBlockSound/ParameterTransformSound etc sections in the '_sounds.dat54.rel.xml' file that in turn lead to the hybrid engine sounds in the '.awc'. :thumbsup:

  • It's this one.

  • @mrwallace888
    Cool :thumbsup:, just had a look.

    The hybrid parts in the '.rel' files are identical to the Hachura Custom, same values, same process to edit etc :thumbsup:




       <ElectricEngine />

    should silence the hybrid engine sounds (untested, but don't see why it wouldn't work).

  • @a63nt-5m1th There's no electric sound, but it's still silent up to a certain speed. Also, startup and shutdown sounds don't work.

  • @mrwallace888
    To remove the electric engine silence & make it a full combustion engine sound throughout the entire engine rev range, find this value in the
    '<Item type="Vehicle" ntOffset="12215">' section of 'hachura_game.dat151.rel.xml':

       <Unk52 value="2" />

    & change it to this:

       <Unk52 value="0" />


       <TurretSounds />
       <Unk49 value="8" />
       <Unk50 />
       <Unk51 />
       <Unk52 value="0" /> <!-- Edit this value here to zero -->
       <ElectricEngine />
       <Unk54 value="0" />
       <Unk56 value="3" />

    To add startup & shutdown sounds, edit these values to that of another vehicle:




    The idle engine sounds are still silent, I'm looking into that at the moment :thumbsup:

  • @mrwallace888
    To be able to hear the idle sounds go to the 'hachura_sounds.dat54.rel.xml' file & search for 'hash_1940A015', scroll to the bottom of that 'GranularSound' section & change these values:

       <UnkShort4 value="-10000" />
       <UnkShort5 value="-10000" />

    to this:

       <UnkShort4 value="-400" />
       <UnkShort5 value="-400" />


        <UnkFlags0 value="1" />
        <UnkFlags1 value="1" />
        <UnkByte0 value="0" />
        <UnkByte1 value="0" />
        <UnkFloat value="1" />
       <UnkFloat0 value="0.01" />
       <UnkFloat1 value="0.05" />
       <UnkShort0 value="-500" />
       <UnkShort1 value="-500" />
       <UnkShort2 value="-500" />
       <UnkShort3 value="0" />
       <UnkShort4 value="-400" /> <!-- change this value -->
       <UnkShort5 value="-400" /> <!-- & this value -->
       <TrackName />
        12, 55
        9.5, 9.5

  • @mrwallace888 said in Can you change engine "effect" volumes?:

    if I put that same whine sound on other engine sounds, then it's either a lot quieter or just inaudible

    Give me a few examples of vehicles where the veh_elegy_synth_turbo sound is audible but really quiet & I'll look into it if you want? (If they are add-ons, all the better, but anything will do) :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Aquaphobic's RB26DETT sound is an example. I manually added a turbo to it via REL editing and you can't really hear the whine. You can hear the BOV though. If I set the upgraded turbo sound to be the same, then I'll hear that same whine once I upgrade the turbo. :P

  • @mrwallace888
    I haven't found anything to raise the turbo volume on it's own. It might exist, but there's so many values across all .rel files that we are still to figure out. Being unable to reverse hashes is a major stumbling block to this & makes it pure guesswork a lot of the time.

    Have you tried the elegy submixes on the rb26dett to see if there is any difference?
    Also, I noticed the MasterVolume of the rb26dett is 250 higher than the elegy2, perhaps the raised engine volume is drowning out the turbo whine, try it out at '0' (or lower, can be negative) & see if you can hear the turbo any better.

    Worst-case, it should be possible to find the turbo sound it uses, duplicate it, redirect the rel files to use that new turbo audio file instead & then manually increase the volume of the file itself.

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