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Is it possible to change number of police vehicles when I call 911?

  • Sometimes it feel fun and nice to call 911 and summon the cops when I accidentally run over a gang member and they go crazy about it. I mean it's just 1 guy right..

    Anywho, I'm calling 911 and asking the cops to arrive at once but only 2 officers don't feel enough, they pretty much insta kill them. You know like the Altamira gang from the Bright movie.

    So is it possible to increase the number of them when I call 911? Maybe even summon the fbi car with full load of swat it in :D Huh boy imagine summoning 2 fbi cars with 8 swat right inside those gang areas. What a fun would it be to watch lmao :DDDD

  • @Aurora11
    I've not tried this, so don't know exactly what the result will be, but maybe try editing the '<EmergencyResponses>' > 'DT_PoliceVehicleRequest' entry in 'dispatch.meta':


                <NumPedsToSpawn value="2"/>

    Increase the number of peds & maybe add a few different '<VehicleSets>' into the mix as well & see what the game does with it. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th I have tried it and is Dispatch is changing the responding vehicle but NumPedsToSpawn seems to have no effect on numbers :( I tried 8 peds with fbi vehicle, it summoned 1 car with 4 swats in it. Tried 50 (just to figure out) but it still stayed same :(

    I had a long shot idea which thought maybe it removed the waiting time between 911 calls but it didn't work out either. That was the long shot though.

    It might be hidden in another place though. Because when I was installed redux first, I was noticed when I blow up a car, 2 firetrucks responding with total of 8 peds. but in the dispatch.meta numpedstospawn is still 4 :thinking:

  • I wonder is there any mod that when you press a button or from a menu it calls multiple police backups like same as LSPDFR.

  • @Aurora11
    Had a good look in the game files, haven't found any other likely candidates, but I did find this Cop Caller App [.NET] 0.2.2 on the site :thumbsup:
    Released May 28, 2015, but hopefully still works etc.

  • @a63nt-5m1th I have tried the mod but it didn't work unfortunately :( Would have been amazing though if it would work. But thank you so deeply much for your time, effort and help :)))) I just changed the responding vehicle to fbi and it spawns with 4 swats :D They are still very effective against those angry gang bangers lol :D

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