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  • I did nothing. Everything was ok and working fine but somehow, I tried to start GTA V and this happened:

    alt text
    I tried those:

    -Verified game files via epicgames. (Didn't work)
    -Tried to delete mods folder. (Worked)

    But I don't want to re-install everything. Is there any solution? I searched error name but nah, nothing helpful.

  • @saadbari
    So most likely something in one of your 'mods' folder '.rpf's causing it. That's a good thing as it's pretty easy to diagnose:

    • Rename your 'mods' folder to something else.
    • Create a new folder called 'mods' where the old one was.
    • One by one, move '.rpf's/folder structures etc from the old (renamed) mods folder to the newly created one.
    • Test load the game after each addition, until you find the one causing it.
    • Use the same process within the problem '.rpf'/folder structures to figure out what file/s are causing the 'ERR_FIL_PACK_3' error & replace/remove/fix etc


    to add to that, this happens to me personally mostly when I'm editing content.xml and refer to an incorrect path / non-existent rpf

  • @a63nt-5m1th is there any tutorial of this ?

  • @saadbari
    After you have OpenIV installed, you don't need anything more than the instructions I gave in the previous post. :thumbsup:

    Also, just wondering why you posted an exact duplicate of a 10 month old post from someone else (even the pic link is the same)?
    I have a very good memory.

  • @a63nt-5m1th my stuff of mods is like 80 to 90 gb :\ and now i dont know what to do :|

  • @saadbari
    My mods folder is 297 GB :thumbsup:
    It doesn't make any difference to hard drive space as you are moving the files from one folder to another, not creating duplicates of said files, so hard drive space stays the same.

  • @a63nt-5m1th coz im facing the same problem and my English skills are not very good so i just do copy paste any problem here ? :) wtf why im not able to comment and have to wait for 600 seconds :|
    yeah i know that too but i dont understand that how to move files one by one and and which files do i copy first and check my game
    Test load the game after each addition, until you find the one causing it.
    this :|

  • @saadbari said in ERR_FIL_PACK_3:

    i just do copy paste any problem here ?

    If you have enough hard drive space for two 'mods' folders then there is no problem :thumbsup:

    @saadbari said in ERR_FIL_PACK_3:

    which files do i copy first

    Any '.rpf' you like. Just do them one by one & load the game inbetween each one.
    If you move them (drag & drop etc), rather than copy & paste, it's easier, as it's quicker & there is only one of each file, so you know which ones you have moved already.
    If copying & pasting, do them in some kind of order or make a note of which ones you have copied over to the new 'mods' folder so you don't get confused as to what you have already moved.

    It doesn't matter what order, but try this:

    'update.rpf' > Load game & check if error appears
    'common.rpf' > Load game & check if error appears
    'x64a.rpf' > 'x64w.rpf' (Note: One at a time. Move 'x64a.rpf', load game, then move 'x64b.rpf', load game, then 'x64c.rpf', load game... & so on)
    'dlcpacks' folder (if the issue comes back after adding this folder, move it back to your old (renamed) mods folder & then move over one dlc at a time).

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