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GTA 5 Weapons Modding GIMS Evo;Tutorial

  • GTA 5 Weapons Modding;Tutorial

    1.Needed: Make sure you download EVO GIMS,3DS Max 2016;highly recommended version and OpenIV.

    2.Importing: Open Game Indefinite Modding Suite Evo Menu and import original weapon of choice to mod. Then with 3ds max import the model thats going to replace the original with edit menu.

    3.Editing: Fix all the dimensions on the imported model onto the gta5 original weapon so it fits in the game,sights,grips,ect.

    4.Replace: Now select Editable Mesh on old model underneath the new and select all the vertex, then attach the new and press the delete button to get rid of the old weapon.

    5.Skin;Enelope: Under skin you will see envelope, you will have a list of bones: "Example:assaultrifle example;Gun_Cock1,Gun_Main_Bone,ect" with these they will highlight in red the parts of the gun some might be unaccurate, to fix it follow closely. hit the edit envelopes button under parameters and click on the vertices box. now click on the weight tool"looks like a wrench tool icon". A menu should open up and there should be numbers 0,.1,.25,.5,.75,.9,1. With your mouse select the parts you want to animate like the "example;Gun_Cock1, the charging handle were the shells eject should be selected and under the weight tool click on the 1 button to make that part all red. First thing you need to do before that is to turn the Gun red with 1 button under "example;Gun_Main_Bone then make separate parts with different bones.

    6.Textures: on material editor on GIMS Evo Menu and turn Replacement texture into a gims material, click options and the shader should be weapon,parameter
    set:weapon_normal_spec_Detail_palette. add the texture files onto bump texture,diffuse texture and specular texture once thats done you can save your project as a max file for backup.

    7.Export: After your done with all the steps click export on Gims Evo to a export folder of choice onto your computer and load it up to Open IV.

    8.Making Textures Appear: On Open IV Select the ytd file that has the textures and load all the textures that you added from step 6 and save it.

    9.Finished: Run Gta5 and see if it needs to fixing or test it, if you followed the steps everything should work fine.

    Update 12/8/2020:

    Here is a detailed with images pdf tutorial of gta weapons modding:


    very nice! with a showcase screenshot on each step it would be more instructive maybe?


    You must have read my mind. I was needing to do exactly this a couple days ago!

    I second the addition of screenshots, that would be nice to be able to visualize the steps.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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