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Crash after installing a mod.

  • Hello, i already went through the FAQ and i did not find a solution to this problem that is why i am using this medium. i tried to install some vehicles and the game always crashes at the start up, i will have to clear the vehicle's dlclist script and pack to fix so that i can play the game. i have downloaded a lot of mods but just a few seem to work without crashing the game. How did you fix yours?
    Best Regards

  • Thanks for the reply. Already did no success, is there anything else I can try?

  • Tell us what mods exactly you have installed. What game version are you in? Is it steam, retail, or epic games version? Is it cracked? We need more information

  • @Algonquin1234 I tried mods from rmod installing through openiv very few installed without crashing others crashed the game. i downloaded through epic games, but i made a copy to install mods so i don't destroy the original. i downloaded over 30 vehicles modes just 6 installed without issues. Thanks

  • Try each vehicle one at a time to see which ones are the ones that cause an issue. Make sure to install heap adjuster to prevent crashes and errors. If all else fails, just play with the 6 cars that work like you said. It's better than the game crashing all the time.

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