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Having Issues Loading my textures.

  • Ok want to start by saying thanks in advance, love the community. I've been messing around with zmodler3, and finally created the car i wanted, and skinned it. When I save my vehicle it saves as a .yft which is fine, i load in zmodler3 the car shows up beautiful with the skins and everything, but when i open it up in GTA or OpenIV the skins aren't there. I Tried deleting the textures out of the .YTD and adding the texture from my model but every time it comes to the skin it wont let me add that, and when i add the skin as a .png the modle name for the skin OPENIV changes it to a different name like 5? So im kinda stumped and dont know how to create .YTDs and help would be appreciated

  • @Slickz

    one thing ive noticed is that in my server when i go to load my vehicle, it doesnt load the ytf..
    And the textures of my vehicle show up on zmodler3 just fine and openIV... but in game its all vanilla

    alt text

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