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pull me over not working

  • hi all i would love your help as i have been trying for a coupleof days to get the pull me over script to work as i had to do a fresh install, once done and put all my cars back in i moved the files and installed the cops on patrol oiv and a couple of other scripts (all used when using the script before) it doesnt work.

    anyone know of a fix as i love the script.

  • Hey Xmodz

    I also have that script installed in my scripts folder.

    I have added a extra thing to get the script at least working more.

    its called "Cops: Back on the Beat 2.0"

    Hope it works.


  • @CreativeGames thank you for your reply i will search and test it fingers crossed

  • @CreativeGames sadly using the one that comes with the script and the onei found whilst searching it still doesnt work

  • @Xmodz Contact the creator of the mod and he will hopefully update it or report any bugs on his page he might look at it wen he visits the website again soon.

    for me the mod works fine also with extra scrips installed.


  • Did you install NativeUI in your scripts? Needs to be the newest version.

  • @Algonquin1234 thank you for pointing me in the right direction for some reason the one i had was an old one (file date said 2016 lol) must of come with a script... thank you again

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