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Which file controlling corona meta?

  • I have installed a different mod and it comes with corona edits. In graphics.ytd it has a very tiny corona texture but I was using a different corona mod which has a great corona texture :(

    However when I put that new corona texture, every corona in the game becomes 10 times bigger and also corona rays not rotating :(

    alt text

    Can anyone help me to reduce corona size from a meta or ymt or whereever it's located and make the corona rays rotate again rather than being just static? :(

    This is the corona mod I want to use: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/2k-optical-flares

  • Nevermind I'm reverting back to Redux again.

    I have found it's in visualsettings.dat but oh my god this NVE is made to be uncompatible with any other mod.
    I'm installing real rain mod, everything turning to fully awkward moment.
    Installing clear water mod, water being clear only when I'm like 5000 feet or so above it.
    I changed everything in visualsettings.dat with corona name back to VisualV's values. It decreased the size but still not enough. Turned out the author of NVE awkwardly increased the corona size in timecycle files. I reverted it's size back again but it's still too big. I had to lower it to -10 at the end, but now street lights having small and too sharp coronas. I'm literally living a wtf moment right now. Why would anyone lower the size corona glow texture in corona.dds and increase the corona size in everywhere else by editing values I will never understand. I feel like this mod is made to not to edit anything in it's files which is sucks a lot. Like what's gonna happen when someone doesn't like something? Redux sucks too but at least it's open for editing and compatible with other mods that edits/overwrites it's files. I will try NVE when it's finally and officially finished but I don't think I will be seeing it for another 2 years. It sucks really I was so excited about it but it just too much uncompatibility :(((( I hope GTA Remake won't be like this.

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