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Zipped files and RPF files

  • I'm having to re download my script hook V and script hook v .net and there showing up as zipped files. Same as menyoo. My rpf files also wont open up correctly. I get the options of Internet explorer notpad and other options which dont work either. Is there anybody who could help a fellow GTA V player. I want to Re download them but I dont want it to break my game again because last time I did it.. I accidently downloaded the trainer that comes with script hook v and it got all messed up when I downloaded menyoo. So I'm starting over.

  • @Fallfire215 use winrar or 7zip

  • @death7991 This may sound pretty stupid. But, downloading this will let me change my .rpf files default ,idk what to call it, opening location to winrar. I have seen that image multiple times before so its kind of familiar. This is also happening with my META files. Those are stuck in notepad.

  • I found a video showing how to reset it to default and after I restart I think I can download my mod. If anyone needs the video I can send a link because this problem hurts my brain.

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